ACTinBlack DTNVG-14

The excellent DTNVG by ACTinBlack

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The DTNVG-14 is equipped with AN/PVS-14 objectives which are intended for ground use and offer a faster focusing compared to AN/AVS type objectives.

The DTNVG is ACT’s latest product a compact multi-function Military spec binocular for the most demanding of situations.

If you want the best, the DTNVG is a Binocular of choice, with a 30% weight saving verses the competition, adaptive mounting solution and auto on/off in flip up and sideways move, built in IR, compact storage and adaptive mounting solution.

The DTNVG utilises standard MX-10160 type tubes in many configurations up to FOM 2400. The DTNVG is built using the latest technology in light metals and Glass Reinforced Polycarbonate.

The DTNVG is an ITAR free system.



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