ACTinBlack PVS-14

The PVS-14 by ACTinBlack

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Our PVS-14 is completely ITAR free. There is no limitation on supply and there is no paperwork!

The PVS-14 offers manual gain control with which you can adjust the gain of the tube as well as an auto shut off function when helmet mounted and flipped up.

The rugged design is combat proven and extremely durable. Its build for combat.

The ocular on the PVS-14 makes it possible to collimate it which makes it ideal for head-mounted use.

A wide range of accessories are available, from rail mounts to magnification lenses. This provides the user with an unmatched flexibility.

An integrated IR illuminator can be activated to provide a good image even in the darkest of places where no light is available, such as closed buildings and underground structures. But equipped with a Gen 3 tube, that function is rarely ever going to be needed.



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