Kraka Jet Board

Originating from the cold and darkness of Sweden, tested in the roughest archipelago there is, we present a stealth jet board you didn’t know you dreamed of.


Kraka fundamentally changes the premises for operational work in critical situations at sea, where caution, safety, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

This is the first inflatable, light-weight electric board on the market, filling the gap where other small floating devices fail due to shape, loading capacity, draft, or noise. It has been created
based on the market’s development and demand. The board is available in three sizes and with different feasible advantages: Transport, Air, and Dive.

Thanks to her unique features, Kraka is useful in most challenging real life situations, from recovery and rescue operations to river crossings, boarding and other stealth mode missions. She is quickly inflated and easily assembled, and she can be smoothly launched from land, helicopters, submarines and other vessels.

Kraka will take you and your load safely over difficult and shallow waters, closer to any shore or other ship than ever possible before. The board is totally silent and often almost invisible, difficult to detect by radar.

Kraka will also simplify many regular assignments, such as basic SAR training or retrieving things from inaccessible bays, allowing the crew to carry out their work in new, more efficient ways.


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